Delivery of doors to customers

Products of our factory can be delivered directly to the object in any region of Russia.
Check the delivery and packaging conditions of the doors when placing an order with our managers. 
When the products are delivered in Russia by prefabricated cargo, we recommend ordering individual packaging to avoid damage to the goods.

   1. We cooperate with the following transport companies:
  • Express Cargo TC (Legion)
  • SoyuzEurotrans
  • Business lines
  • PEC
Необходимые документы:
  • Power of attorney from a transport company
  • Shipping company application

   2. Self-delivery by the customer's transport

Required Documents: Power of Attorney or Seal

   3. Self-exportation by transport company

Необходимые документы: 

  • Power of attorney from a transport company
  • Power of attorney for a transport company

   4.Delivery by our transport. Maximum door volume up to 30 blocks. Only - Moscow and Moscow region.

Required documents: power of attorney or seal at the place of unloading