• Spetial Doors Manufacturing
    Manufacturing of doors for all types of buildings and premises.
  • Own Manufacturing
    Full cycle production is located in Podolsk (Moscow region)
  • Soundproof Doors
    We produce soundproof and noise-absorbing doors in various designs. Noise insulation index RW: 32, 36, 38, 43, 47dB
  • Wooden Fireproof Doors
    We produce wood fireproof and smoke and gastight doors with fire resistance EI30, EIS 30 and EIS 60. Possibility of manufacturing doors in various series of doors presented on the website.
  • Medical Doors
    We produce doors for clinics and hospitals, including doors for clean rooms.
  • Moisture Resistant Doors
    Doors of the Aquarius (Vodoley) series for rooms with air humidity over 60%.

Why do you need to buy doors from us?

We Save Your Money

Here you can purchase a door directly from the manufacturer. Avoiding agents between the manufacturer and a customer allows us to offer you the best prices on the market

Non-standard Requirements

We offer a wide range of doors including custom made doors, created to suit your specific requirements

Matching Сolors

We offer a wide variety of colors and textures of finishes in various facing materials

Durability and Reliability

Our doors are constructed using high-quality materials and components to meet the highest quality requirements

Hardware Grooving

Grooving for Hardware and ACS (Access Control System) by CNC machines

Fast and Safe Delivery

We will quickly deliver your order

Special doors

Clean Room Doors

Clean Room Doors

Special doors for cleanrooms are usually used in medicine in pharmaceutical industries. In cases where special conditions are required to maintain cleanliness....

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors

  • Index RW - 47 dB
  • Index RW - 43 dB
  • Index RW - 38 dB
  • Index RW - 36 dB
  • Index RW - 32 dB
Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated Doors

Wooden doors:
EIS 30, EIS 60
Combined doors:
EI 30
Waterproof Doors

Waterproof Doors

  • without wood
  • low web weight
  • aluminum frame
We invite you to cooperation

We invite you to cooperate with our factory: dealers, design organizations, construction companies, architects, designers!

If you have questions, our managers will be happy to advise you on our products and terms of cooperation.

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Information about the manufacturing company - LLC Dveri-Credo

We produce wooden and combination doors for residential, administrative, public and industrial buildings, both general and special purpose.

 Special doors: 

  • Fireproof wooden and combination doors with aluminum frame
  • Soundproof doors
  • Medical doors and cleanroom doors
  • Moisture resistant doors
  • Pendulum doors

All doors have the relevant certificates of conformity, expert opinions and test reports.

Manufacture of Special Doors

Factory is located in Podolsk (Moscow region). Modern equipment and materials make it possible to produce wooden and combined doors and door frames with high-quality finishing and painting with various materials, and implement complex technical solutions.

We invite you to get acquainted with the products and technologies.