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Double-acting Doors

Double-acting glazed door. Model PDO.031.(01)

Double-acting glazed door. Model PDO.031.(02)

Double-acting glazed door. Model PDO.F.(01)

Double-acting glazed door. Model PDO.F.(02)

Wooden Double-acting Doors

Double-acting Dood           маятниковые двери

Double-acting doors are installed on reverse movement tracks, so it is not recommended to install blank ones.

We offer double-acting doors with wooden and aluminum door frame. For the doors of this type all finish options are available. The most popular type of pendulum doors is glazed one with a round or square glazing. We recommend using such doors with steel kick plates to protect the door.

Double-acting door with a wooden door frame

маятниковая коробка     реверсивная дверь

Double-acting door with an angular aluminum door frame

dkm u 2d     dkmu prime 3d

Double-acting door with an hollow aluminum door frame

dkm t 2d      dkmt prime 3d

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