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Pendulum Doors

Pendulum glazed door. Model PDO.031.(01)

Pendulum glazed door. Model PDO.031.(02)

Pendulum glazed door. Model PDO.F.(01)

Pendulum glazed door. Model PDO.F.(02)

Wooden pendulum doors

маятниковая дверь           маятниковые двери

Pendulum doors are usually used in buildings where many people move in different directions at the same time.

We offer pendulum doors with wooden and aluminum door jambs. For the doors of this type all finish options are available. The most popular type of pendulum doors is glazed one with a round or square glazing. We recommend using such doors with steel kick plates to protect the door.

Pendulum door with a wooden door jamb

маятниковая коробка     реверсивная дверь

Pendulum door with an angular aluminum door jamb

dkm u 2d     dkmu prime 3d

Pendulum door with an hollow aluminum door jamb

dkm t 2d      dkmt prime 3d

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