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Fire Rated Door

We offer fire rated doors made of wood or combination of materials with fire protection rating EI 30 (EI30) and EI 60 (EI60).

We manufacture doors made especially for your needs: a huge range of finishes and colors, any size, various specifications. All our doors have certificates of conformity.

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.501

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.601

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.502

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.602

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.503

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.603

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.504

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.604

Wooden Fire Rated Doors

 Fire resistance rating EI 30 and EI 60

Manufacturing wooden fire resistant doors is one of our specializations. We offer doors with the fire resistant level you need. All our doors have certificates of conformity that guarantees that our doors follow fire safety requirements.

Fire rates doors construction

  • Wooden door leaf and wooden door jamb. Fire resistance rating EIS 30, EIS 60
  • Wooden door leaf and wooden door jamb. Fire resistance rating EIS 30, EIS 60
  • Wooden door leaf with a vent and aluminum door jamb. Fire resistant rating EI 30

Designations for fire rated doors

  • E – a door loses its integrity, fire cannot spread through the door during the declared time (minutes)
  • I – a door loses its thermal insulation, the door surface temperature does not raise higher than it is permitted during the declared time (minutes)
  • S – smoke- and gas-tightness. Ability of a door set to stop gas and smoke
  • 30/60 – critical condition (minutes)

Fire rated doors examples


Fire resistant doors are important for fire safety of any building. The main purpose of fire rated doors is to stop spreading of fire and smoke out of a room where it started. This fact helps to protect people and gives time to evacuate them and to protect property in other rooms from fire. Fire rated doors are made of special thermal resistant materials, they are resistant to high temperatures and open fire. Fire resistant doors keep fire inside a room and give time for firemen to put out the fire. Fire rated doors of our company have certificates of conformity. 

Where is it necessary to install fire rated doors?

       Fire resistant doors are needed in any buildings where flammable materials are – plywood, fiberboard, wood, gasoline, acetone, oils and any type of fuel. Fire resistant doors should be installed in factories to separate machinery rooms, warehouses and common areas. Factory laboratories and storages are places where fore rated doors are extremely important. However factories are not the only places where a fire is possible. This is the reason why fire rates doors should be also installed in offices, stores, hotels, banks and etc.  

Wooden fire rated doors construction

Construction of doors made of combination of materials with an aluminum door jamb


Characteristics of this type of doors:  

  • Same finishes and colors as regular door have 
  • Anti-panic system allows people to leave in shorter time 
  • High quality materials that provide thermal resistance of the doors 
  • High quality materials that provide thermal resistance of the doors 

Fire resistant wooden doors meet the requirements mentioned above and they are an important part of fire safety in any building. If an office is located in a living premise building fire rated doors (EI 30 or EI 60) must be installed.

Every part of a fire rated door is extremely important because their quality and durability can save lives. Our company provides doors and hardware of the highest quality and we can guarantee its reliability and durability.

For the best efficiency a fire resistant door has to be installed properly by specialists. There is difference between installing a regular door and fire rated one. Installation of a fore rated door requires knowledge, experience and special materials like fire resistant sealants.

Contact us for additional specifications, assistance, delivery and price information.

Among fire rated doors one leaf doors are more secure than double leaf doors. They prevent a fire from spreading and help to minimize damage.

EI 30 and EI 60 fire rated doors give time to evacuate people safely. Thanks to fire resistant doors firefighters will have access to the fire location to stop it. We use special non-combustible materials to provide doors of the highest quality.

Special materials that are used for fire rated doors also have a high sound reduction index. We offer a huge range of available door finishes so you can find exactly what you need to fit your interior.

Special fire resistant locks are used in fire rated doors.

All our doors have certificates that they meet declaimed specifications.

A fire rated door leaf consists of a few layers. The main layer is heat insulating, thanks to them the door protects from fire. The outer layer is made of non-combustible materials. There are fire resistant sealants around the perimeter of the door. In case of fire these sealants provide gas and smoke protection.