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Interior Doors

We offer interior doors in stock and custom made at the best price. Here you can find solid and glazed doors with a huge range of available finishes and colors or to order a door with your unique characteristics and design. We provide doors with any opening type: swing, sliding and pendulum doors. Special partnership terms and discounts for wholesale customers.

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.501

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.601

Interior solid door. Model PDG.101.(01)

Interior solid door. Model PDG.101.(02)

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.502

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.602

Interior glazed door. Model PDO.04.(01)

Interior glazed door. Model PDO.06.(01)

Interior doors from the manufacturer

We offer special interior doors made of wood or of a combination of materials directly from our manufactory and made for your individual purposes and design.

As a manufacturer we guarantee the accordance of our doors to the declared fire-resistance and sound reduction characteristics.

We produce solid and glazed interior doors with sound reduction index up to 47 dB. All our doors have certificates what allows to use them in hotels and hostels where good sound isolation is really important. Solid swing doors have the highest sound reduction index. If you need a sliding or a pendulum door – sound reduction index will be lower.

If you need pre made doors with the best price you can find and shop them here «Doors in Stock» or contact us.

Interior doors for living and non-living premises

We manufacture and sell interior doors for living premises with a huge range of finishes from different types of plastics to wood veneer.

Door color depends on a chosen finish material and usually we can make your door of any color you wish. We offer doors for any interior design, modern equipment and the best materials allow us to guarantee that our doors are of the highest quality. Incuts and installation of hardware are made at the manufacture that guarantees its durability and proper appearance.

Fire rated interior doors

We offer fire resistance doors made according to EI30 and EI60 specifications. These requirements are important because of specificity of some buildings where fire rated doors are needed.

Interior glazed doors

Glazed interior doors can be used in living premises and offices, hospitals, schools and kindergartens. For glazing we use special safe glass which cannot cause any trauma.

Glazed door types:

  • Glazed interior door with a square or rectangular glass
  • Glazed interior door with a porthole (with a round glass)
  • Interior door with transparent clear glazing
  • Interior door with matt glass
  • Interior door with mirrored glass

Interior doors in stock

We have the most popular door models in stock.
Pre made doors in stock are available for purchasing with the finest wholesale price with delivery to your location.
White and grey doors are the most popular ones. They are often used for healthcare and educational facilities, offices.
  • Grey interior door
  • White interior door
  • Interior doors with enamel finish (huge range of available colors)
  • Interior doors with veneer finish
  • Interior doors with HPL and CPL finishes (huge range of available colors)

One leaf and double leaf doors

We provide the following types of doors:
  • One leaf interior doors
  • Double leaf interior doors
  • One and half leaf doors

Swing, sliding and pendulum interior doors

We offer doors with different opening types:
Manufacturing special doors made of wood and combined material is our specialization.