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Invisible door is the best choice for a stylish interior

A door with hidden door jamb and correct choice of Pull and Push opening types will make the interior more comfortable and ergonomic. The finish of a hidden door can be the same as of walls that makes the door perfectly flush. The other popular option is choose a completly different material for a hidden door.

Invisible interior doors can also be sound proof (up to 43 dB) and fire resistante (EI 30).

The door can be installed in any types of walls. The door sets are supplied ewady to use.

Invisible door. Model MYSTERY-1 PULL

Invisible door. Model MYSTERY-2 PUSH

Invisible fire rated door. Model MYSTERY-2 EI30 PULL

Invisible soundproof door. Model MYSTERY-1 RW PULL

Invisible Doors – Series MYSTERY. Doors with a hidden door jamb.

двери невидимки

Pre finished doors options:
  • Veneer
  • CPL, HPL
  • Enamel
Individual finishing options:
  • Wallpapering 
  • Decorative plastering 
  • Interior painting
The door is only invisible from one side, the other side can be finished with door frame and wall panels, plaster or any other materials. Aluminum door leaf edges provide better durability.