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Door type

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.501

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.601

Interior solid door. Model PDG.101.(01)

Solid moisture resistant interior door. Model Vodoley PDG.101

Interior solid door. Model PDG.101.(02)

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.502

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.602

Interior glazed door. Model PDO.04.(01)

All our doors are tested to severe duty and stand up to the most demanding environments, making them perfect for use within commercial buildings, hospitals and education facilities and any project requiring Secured by Design (SBD) specification.
We offer special door for different purposes – Clean Room Doors, Acoustic Doors, Fire Rated Doors and Water and Moisture-proof Doors.
Clean Room Doors are made especially for hospitals and health care facilities. The materials these doors are made of meet the highest hygienic standards: doors are moisture-proof, suitable for washing with harsh cleanser and do not harbor bacteria.
Acoustic Doors provide high level of sound protection. They are perfectly suitable for installing in offices, conference halls, hotel rooms. We offer doors with sound reduction index up to 47 dB.
Special waterproof doors are used in bathrooms, workout clubs, gyms, close to swimming pools.
Fire Rated Doors have to be installed in buildings that require high fire protection: schools, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers. We offer fire rated doors with fire resistance rating up to EI60.
Any type of special doors can be used both in residential and non-residential premises.