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Soundproof Doors

We offer acoustic doors with sound reduction index up to 47 dB.
We also provide the full package of service from measuring to installing.

Our manufacture offers wooden and combined noise-absorption doods, acoustic and sound proof doors and door jambs/frames, including special doors for recording studios and cinemas. We can guarantee the finest price for sound proof doors from the manufacturer. 

Here you can order a door for your individual needs with any size, design and characteristics or to take a look at pre made doors in stock.

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.501

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.601

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.502

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.602

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.503

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.603

Solid door. Model Nika PDG.504

Solid door. Model Diana PDG.604

Modern commercial buildings require good sound isolation to improve working space quality. Standard and sound resistance doors look absolutely same so they can fit in an interior of any design.

Manufacturing sound proof doors is our specialization. We offer doors with sound reduction index up to 47 dB and made with modern technology and of high quality materials. We have experience in work with construction companies and we are ready to follow a customer’s requirements.

Acoustic and sound proof doors are needed for rooms with special sound protection requirements. Such doors are usually installed in hotels, conference halls, recording studios and cinemas. 

Finishes and color options for acoustic doors

Huge range of available colors and textures of door finishes allow to any interior design to come true. Contact our specialists so they can help you with choosing the exact door you need. 
  • CPL plastic
  • HPL plastic
  • FineLine veneer (reconstructed)
  • Natural wood veneer
  • Enamle
  • PVC
  • Ecoveneer

Door jambs for acoustic doors

Sound proof doors can be used with a classic wooden door jamb and also with aluminum ones including hidden door jamb MYSTERY-1 RW.

Door jambs options for acoustic doors:
Sound reduction index RW dB Door jamb Hidden door jamb MYSTERY Aluminum door jamb NORMA Aluminum door jamb PRIME
47 + + - -
43 + + - -
38 + + - -
36 +  + - -
32 + + + +

Acoustic doors main characteristics

Soundproofing is any means of reducing the sound pressure. Soundproofing can suppress unwanted indirect sound waves such as reflections that cause echoes and resonances that cause reverberation. Doors are tested in laboratories and rated with RW index according to their ability to reduce sound waves. The higher RW index is the better a door can reduce sounds. 

    Approximate data about various sound sources:
  • 20 dB – rustling leaves, ticking clock
  • 30 dB – low whisper at a distance of 1 meter
  • 40 dB – quiet residential area, park
  • 50 dB – quiet office, quiet street
  • 60 dB – regular talk at a distance of 1 meter
  • 70 dB – heavy traffic, phone ring
  • 80 dB – busy street, alarm clock
  • 90 dB – loud screams, jackhammer, diesel truck
  • 100 dB – underground train, hair dryer
  • 110 dB – rock music, baby crying

Fire rated acoustic doors 

Sound proof doors can be also fore resistant. A door fire resistance rating shows how mane minutes the door can hold fire not letting it to spread. The most popular ones are doors with rating EI 30 and EI 60 (minutes). All the doors manufactured by our company have certificates of conformity to declared characteristics.

Customer Service

Proper door jamb installation and appropriate sound reduction level are really important. We offer special door jamb with required characteristics.

Installation of sound proof doors has differences from installation of a regular door. All mounting gaps have to be filled with special sound resistant seals. Our specialists have all the needed skills and experience in using modern technologies to achieve the best quality while installing doors and door jambs of any type.

For the best result walls have to be covered with a sound resistant material too. Otherwise sound isolation of a room will not be effective.

We offer sound proof doors of high quality and with affordable prices. They are available for wholesale purchasing and retailing.

Contact us to get a consultation from our specialists and to get information about prices and delivery terms.