Cost of door installation and order of work on installation of doors


Calculation of the cost of door unit installation works is calculated based on the specification and depends on the following parameters

  • door type
  • availability of additive for door hardware
  • Used door fittings, the presence of door closers, automatic thresholds, peepholes, locks "anti-panic"
  • the party supplying consumables
  • location of the object (to calculate the cost of travel of workers and ITR, equipment delivery)
  • the way of lifting the doors to the floors (manually by the Contractor, using the elevator by the Contractor, by the Employer)
  • opportunity to provide accommodation (except Moscow) and meals for workers (for objects outside Moscow, the cost of living of workers is added to the cost of work).


The cost of works also includes:

  • project documentation processing
  • door opening acceptance
  • door schedule coordination
  • correspondence with the customer
  • hand over the completed work to the customer


3. After the door units have been handed over to the Contractor, the Contractor shall be responsible for their safety until the moment of their handover to the Customer, provided that the intermediate stages of delivery of the executed works (accumulation certificates) provided for in the contract are stipulated.:

  • We ruin the usual idea of door installation - this is not a part of the contract work on the interior decoration of premises, but a special highly specialized mobile production.
  • Only professional equipment.
  • Control of the project until the technical supervision is completed.
  • Active interaction with contractors performing finishing works at the facility.
  • Warranty on performed works on installation of doors - 12 months.

4. We render services in conducting technical expertise of the object.

During the technical expertise on site, our employees carry out the following work:

  • get acquainted with the project documentation
  • carry out the analysis of the terms of reference
  • Measure door openings according to their actual size
  • unify the size of door openings
  • advise the Customer/Contractors performing finishing works on the permitted deviations of door openings and nominal dimensions.
  • carry out consultations of the Customer on completing the door unit with molded products (fitting, trims, sills)
  • agree the method of installation based on the requirements of the Customer and the technical execution of the apertures.

4.1.  As a result of the technical expertise of the facility, we prepare information for the specification of the contract for the processed data including

  • door type, according to the designation of the Manufacturer
  • dimensions of door units according to the unified dimensions of door openings
  • determine the side of the door opening
  • we make the calculation of components (fitting, trims, sills);
  • we calculate the required door hardware according to the technical purpose of the door

4.2. We make recommendations for the contractors responsible for the preparation of doorways

  • according to the design of doorways
  • agree with them on a timeline

4.3. We agree with the Customer on the delivery sequence of door units (if necessary)