Doors in stock

We offer you interior doors in stock. Here you can find doors of various purposes with CPL finish.

Pre-hung door. PDG.101 RW 28dB CPL white

Pre-hung door. PDG.101.S CPL grey

Pre-hung door. PDG.101 Hard RW 28dB CPL grey

Pre-hung door. PDG.101.S CPL white oak

Pre-hung door. PDG.101 Hard CPL white oak

Door molding MDF 10х70х2200

Door molding MDF 10х100х2070

Purposes of the doors

  • Interior doors in residential premises
  • Interior doors for offices
  • Corridor doors for offices
  • Utility room doors
  • Interior doors for healthcare facilities and hospitals
  • Bathrooms doors
Characteristics of the interior doors
  • Finish: CPL, plastic thickness 0,16-0,2 mm
  • Standard door colors: white, number 1110/S; grey, number 1478/S; white oak, number 0008/C
  • The height of the door leaf: 2000 mm. Recommended door way height: 2060 mm
  • The width of the door leaf: 600/700/800 mm. Recommended door way width: 700/800/900 mm
  • The thickness of the door leaf: 40 mm
  • Core: honeycomb cardboard, hollow particle board
  • The door leaf base: structural timber made of plywood and MDF
  • The door edge: all edges of the door leaf are covered with 2 mm thick strengthened edge
  • The door jamb: plywood and MDF
  • Opening type: multipurpose
  • The door seal: soundproof
  • Max door leaf width (made to measure): 1200 mm
  • Max door leaf height (made to measure): 2300 mm