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Series Vodoley

Solid moisture resistant interior door. Model Vodoley PDG.101

Moisture resistant doors of Vodoley series

The main advantages of our doors are durability and simple installation. The door leaf is lightweight that provides longer hardware durability. The door jamb is made of aluminum AD31 and designed to be convenient to install.

Where are moisture proof door needed?

  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals
  • Swimming pools
  • Fitness centers
  • Kindergartens
  • Bathroom blocks and restrooms

The construction of the door block "Vodoley"

  • The door leaf thickness: 39,8 mm
  • The door leaf finish: 1,5 mm thick ABS plastic
  • The door leaf base: aluminum profile 39,8 x 20 mm
  • The door leaf core: expanded polystyrene
  • The door leaf trim: aluminum profile
  • Standard ABS plastic colors: white RAL 9003, grey RAL 7042