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Waterproof Doors

Solid moisture resistant interior door. Model Vodoley PDG.101

Waterproof doors. Vodoley series

The main advantages of our doors are durability and easy installation of door sets. A light weight door leaf provides long time service of hardware. Door jambs for moisture resistant doors are made of aluminum AD31. The door jamb design allows to avoid installing platbands. The platband as a part of the doorjamb provides better water resistance.

Moisture resistant doors purposes

  • Moisture resistant doors purposes
  • Swimming pools
  • Gyms
  • Kindergartens and schools
  • Bathrooms

Moisture resistant doors design

  • Door leaf thickness: 39,8 mm
  • Door leaf finish: ABS plastic (1,5 mm)
  • Door leaf finish: ABS plastic (1,5 mm)
  • Door leaf filling: expanded polystyrene
  • Door leaf edge: aluminum profile
  • Standard finish colors: ABS plastic White RAL 9003, Grey 7042

Standard ABS plastic colors for waterproof doors

White RAL 9003

White RAL 9003

Grey Ral 7042

Grey RAL 7042

The main specifications of moisture resistant doors

  • They do not harbor any bacteria;
  • They save their color and look as new even after years in wet rooms;
  • Durability of door finish made of ABS plastic;
  • Long term service of hardware thanks to a light weight door leaf;
  • The finish material is easy to clean;
  • Long service life. According to regular wooden doors Vodoley series doors have twice longer service life. They do not bend because of moisture and temperatures;
  • The doors are eco-friendly. These doors are certificated with МУ;
  • The doors are easy to install. Instruments that are needed for installation of a waterproof door are same with the ones needed for a regular wooden door. Unique door jamb design allows to install the door set quicker than a door set with a regular door jamb;
  • Waterproof doors are needed in rooms with air humidity above 50% or when doors have to be cleaned with water or antibacterial solutions.